Published Mar 15, 2017

Investor and Farmer Partnerships

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


More and more people are looking to invest in farms that are improving the environment and communities. What are those investors looking for? As a farmer, how do you figure out if working with individual investors or companies is the right fit? How can you make sure you are “investor-ready”? Join David Miller, co-founder and CEO of Iroquois Valley Farms, and Andy Ambriole, a certified organic grain farmer in Indiana and a farmer working with Iroquois Valley Farms to expand his operation.

Dave Miller started Iroquois Valley Farms LLC in 2007, after a 30-year career in banking and real estate financial management. His extensive experience in structuring alternative real estate investments led to the formation of Iroquois Valley Farms, the first private company in the United States to integrate farmland and organic food production, using mostly mid-size family farmers.

Andy Ambriole farms 1,200 acres organically in north-central and northeastern Indiana. He actively uses cover crops and operates a custom cover crop application, fertilizer and seed business. Along with corn, soybeans and small grains, he also grows organic greenhouse tomatoes. Andy serves as a supervisor at his county soil and water conservation district, and is on the board of managers for Iroquois Valley Farms.