Published Mar 8, 2017

Variety Selection for Vegetable Production – Farminar

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


For Rob Faux, winter is the season for what he humorously calls “farmer delusional syndrome.” Fields do not have weeds, projects take half the time and pictures in the seed catalogues tempt farmers to grow every new variety available in the coming growing season. When reality sets in, vegetable growers realize their winter planning decisions need to be based on data collected from their farm that reflects their soil, weather patterns and growing practices. Join Rob Faux in a farminar where he shares some of the data he collects and how it informs vegetable variety planning on his farm.

Rob Faux and his wife, Tammy, own and operate Genuine Faux Farm, a vegetable CSA and poultry operation near Tripoli, Iowa. Rob has been conducting on-farm research for eight years and regularly uses this data to inform production decisions.