Published Apr 2, 2017

The Practical Farmer: Spring 2017

In This Issue

The Story Behind a Stranger’s Generous Gift
Read the story behind Ruth Schoeneman’s generous gift – and our search to learn more about her and her connection to PFI.

Fit for the Field
Fruit and vegetable farming is strenuous work. Read how several PFI farmers manage their health and strength throughout the year.

Forage-Fed Pigs
In this article, Steve Dieble – who presented at PFI’s 2017 annual conference – offers more insights into how he feeds his pastured pigs.

Sandy Family Profile
When Howard Sand dies at the age of 100, his four children worked together to find a local family to purchase his Urbana-area farm.

A PFI Science Perfected
Three Practical Farmers cooperators reflect on how PFI research has helped them.