Published Oct 2, 2017

The Practical Farmer: Autumn 2017

In This Issue

Pesticide Drift: Dicamba Damage Elevates Drift Discussion
Pesticide drift isn’t just a problem for specialty crop farmers. This year, Dicamba has damaged about 3.1 million acres of soybeans.

Dave Brandt Trip: Reflections and Lessons Learned
Sally Gran shares lessons she learned on the bus trip to Dave Brandt’s farm in Ohio, and members share reflections about how the trip inspired them.

The Surprising Potential of “Iowa Rice”
Members share their thoughts about the many benefits and uses of buckwheat.

Getting Started with Direct Meat Sales
Beginning farmers share their tips, experiences and lessons they’ve learned.

Transferring a Grass-based Minnesota Dairy
Vance and Bonnie Haugen have built a strong foundation for their son to take over the farm.