Published Feb 13, 2018

Using Natives to Create Pollinator Habitat: A Guide to Native Restoration

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and insects are critical to crop production and play a crucial role in our nation’s food supply.  This farminar will provide a guide to restoring native prairie by offering recommendations for research & planning, site preparation, planting, and management.  This information is applicable if you’re restoring many acres or considering a backyard project. Jessi and Dennis from Shooting Star Native Seeds will talk about how to choose a seed mix, how to eliminate weeds before you plant, what equipment is needed, and the management practices needed for continued growth of your pollinator habitat.

  • Jessi Strinmoen serves as the Marketing & HR Manager at Shooting Star Native Seeds, a full-service native seed company based in Spring Grove, MN. Shooting Star has over 1,000 acres of native grasses, wildflowers, sedges, and rushes in production from seed sourced from throughout the Midwest.
  • Dennis Pederson is a Regional Sales Manager for Shooting Star Native Seeds for southwest Minnesota.  In his previous role with Habitat Forever, Dennis was responsible for thousands of acres of upland habitat creation and improvement.