Published Mar 13, 2018

Direct Marketing at Seven Sons Farm

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


The Hitzfield family transitioned from almost losing the family farm in Roanoke, Indiana, to creating a profitable multi-species enterprise (beef, pork and poultry) that now services thousands of families across the Midwest. This discussion will focus on how Seven Sons Farms uses internet marketing strategies to engage its growing consumer outlet in the Midwest. Brooks will also leave you with three free tools that can help you to acquire customers in your sleep!

Brooks Hitzfield has been directly involved with the Seven Sons Farm’s direct-marketing efforts since 2014. With a particular passion for online strategies, he has played an important role in pushing annual e-commerce sales to 7-plus figures. Brooks is also highly involved with GrazeCart, a website solution built for small farms, and he enjoys sharing marketing tips with clients across North America.