Published Mar 6, 2018

Planter Technology for Cash Crops in Cover Crops

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


What is the return on investment of planter technology when it comes to planting cash crops following cover crops? Jeremy and Robb will discuss how they partnered to test current planter technology on a custom-built planter. Together, they have performed tests of hydraulic versus spring downforce, electric versus ground-driven, and row-shut-off versus no shut-off on almost 1,000 acres that include conventional tillage, no-till and cover crops. They will share the planter data as well as the harvest data so you can see the impact of each practice in order to calculate the ROI in your operation.

Robb Ewoldt farms 1,100 acres of row crops and hay near Davenport, and operates a cow-calf and hog operation. He is active with no-till and has been incorporating cover crops for nearly 10 years. Robb is the Iowa Soybean Association director in District 6.

Jeremy Marston has spent the last 15 years working with farmers and technology. He is chief operating officer of TruAcre Technology, which he helped create in 2014 to help farmers get the correct technology for their farm to make data-driven decisions. TruAcre is a dealer of multiple brands of technology, which helps them assist farmers no matter the brand of equipment.