Published Sep 26, 2018

The Practical Farmer: Autumn 2018

In This Issue

Reflection on the Grassfed Exchange
Regeneration is defined as the renewal or restoration of a biological system after injury or as a normal process. The concept of regenerative agriculture was at the core of The Grassfed Exchange, a conference now in its 10th year that draws like-minded people who are passionate about grass-fed livestock production. Held in South Dakota this past June, several Practical Farmers members decided to make the trip. The two-day conference was preceded by ranch tours that showed off the best of the mixed and shortgrass prairies.

Sharing Skill for the Greater Good
Throughout the year, we rely on individuals, as well as groups, to help meet a variety of needs. We enlist volunteers that range in age from 8 (Sadie Carlson, daughter of PFI staff member Sarah Carlson) to 88 (Kelly Tobin, PFI member since 2010). 

Conservation and Community
Brent Larson is a busy man. He is the vice president of his family’s farm management company, Sunderman Farm Management, and he personally has a share in farming about 650 acres of row crops around his home town of Fort Dodge. It was this heavy workload that not only set Brent on his path to using reduced tillage, cover crops and extended crop rotations, but also kindled his passion for regenerative soil health.

Where Garlic Rules 
Garlic isn’t yet an Iowa crop staple like tomatoes and cucumbers, but this aromatic allium is gaining popularity among farmers – it’s fun to grow, stores well and sells itself.