Published Jan 16, 2019

Diversifying Rations for Pastured Pigs

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


How can farmers reduce the amount of grain fed to their pigs? John Arbuckle conducted on-farm trials in northern Missouri that he hopes will show farmers the potential of reducing grain rations and grazing pigs on forage. During his trials, he fed pastured pigs different grain-rationed diets to evaluate their costs and benefits, and will share his findings in this farminar.

John Arbuckle and his wife, Holly, raise non-GMO, pasture-based pigs using regenerative practices at Singing Prairie Farms, now located in New Castle, Maine. Rotational grazing on permanent pastures is the foundation for their ecological agriculture system. From their farm, John and his family manage and operate their pork snack stick company, Roam Snack Sticks, LLC.