Published Jan 24, 2019

Electric Fence and Stock Water Systems for Permanent or Temporary Pasture

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Whether you are grazing 1 acre or 10,000, modern electric fencing and stock watering systems have given producers the flexibility to take their livestock to the most unusual of places – and these systems contribute to a growing trend of not owning any land at all. Additionally, grazing as a restorative land service is becoming more popular. Mobile infrastructure lets imaginative graziers reap profits while contributing to ecological restoration. In this farminar, explore the electric fence and stock water systems used to manage forage resources in these arrangements.


Galen Gerrish grew up learning about pasture and livestock on the Gerrish farm in Missouri, where the family took a worn-out, marginal crop farm and converted it to a highly productive grass farm. As part of handling product sales for Idaho-based American GrazingLands Services LLC, Galen regularly provides advice on grazing cell design, product use and selection.