Published Jan 31, 2019

Regenerative Grazing Technology

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Managing pasture and herd health in a rotational grazing system requires detailed data collection and an organized management system to use and interpret that data. In recent years, new technology has become available to help graziers with this. Erin Kiley will discuss what information graziers should be tracking, and how the app PastureMap is addressing these needs. Grazier Andy Welch will join Erin to share his limited experience with PastureMap and learn from Erin how it can benefit his operation.

  • Erin Kiley oversees rancher success with PastureMap, an online livestock management and grazing software program. She is also the holistic planning and livestock manager at Farmland LP.
  • Andy Welch operates Welch Family Farms in Grant City, Missouri, where he practices rotational grazing with the goal of regenerating his land to better handle weather extremes. Andy started rotationally grazing in 1995, and currently grazes year-round, moving his 65 cows on a daily basis.