Published Mar 1, 2019

Megan Wallendal – Managing Weeds in Organic Crop Rotation

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Megan Wallendal shares her family farm’s experiences with weed management, from roller-crimping rye in the spring for beans to seeding non-vernalized rye in spring into beans – and more. She covers her family farm’s cultivation techniques, transitional plans and ways the family takes action to reduce weed pressures pre-plant, in-season and post-season. Megan also shares results from research trials she and her family have conducted on their organic ground.

Megan Wallendal is part of Wallendal Farms, a third-generation, family-owned farm that grows irrigated vegetables and grain on 550 organic acres and 2,700 conventional acres in Wisconsin. The Wallendal family has a rich history of innovation, and family members pride themselves on their use of research and precision technology to promote a sustainable farming culture.