Published Apr 2, 2019

Scott Thellman – Managing a Farm With Diverse Crops and Markets

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Stacked enterprises add diversity and resilience to a farm’s bottom line. Juniper Hill Farms’ production list spans conventional corn along with winter squash, organic wheat and spinach – plus a local vegetable and hay brokering and distribution business. Learn how all these crops and enterprises fit together. Scott explains how the skills and implementation tools carry from one crop to others, and get some ideas for how to diversify your own farm’s offerings.

Scott Thellman is president of Juniper Hill Farms, a first-generation farm in Douglas County, Kansas. The farm business consists of 65 acres of certified organic land and 1,100 acres of sustainably grown land, and produces 50 acres of organic and conventional vegetables. Other crops include hay, alfalfa, small grains and non-GMO row crops.