Published Feb 12, 2020

Cereal Rye for Weed Management: A New Tool in the Toolbox?

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Cover crops can offer a host of benefits for producers. In this farminar, Sam Bennett and Gina Nichols focus on cereal rye’s ability to suppress weeds in corn and soybean systems.

Sam is a PFI cooperator who conducts on-farm research on cover crops, no-till and strip-till practices on his corn, soybean and small-grains operation. He will share his observations of cereal rye impacts on weed suppression.

Gina, a doctoral student at Iowa State University, will outline her findings from the weed and cover crop literature and the results of her analysis of soil samples taken at other PFI cooperators’ cover crop strip trials.

This farminar was recorded on February 11, 2020.