Published Feb 13, 2020

The Right Mindset for Long-Term Success in Organic Row Crops – Jack Geiger

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Have you noticed that how you ask a question can directly affect the answer you receive? As an organic farmer, you manage a very diverse set of interactions – and how you approach this challenge has a direct effect on your success. Jack Geiger believes that a mental paradigm shift is necessary for long-term success with organic farming. Learn why he argues that continuing to pursue agriculture from a reductionist viewpoint will only achieve limited results.

Jack is a sixth-generation farmer from Robinson, Kansas. With his family, he operates a highly diversified operation that has been certified organic since 1989. Their management style is based on the principles of self-sufficiency, diversification, a low-input production model and the ability to constantly monitor and modify their system in response to external factors.

From our 2020 annual conference on January 17, 2020.