Published Aug 7, 2020

Prairie Strips and Conservation on Rented Ground – Working With Tenants + Environmental Benefits – Virtual Field Day

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Prairie strips are a practice that more farmers and landowners are using to reintegrate prairie into Iowa’s agricultural landscape, providing numerous water quality and wildlife benefits in the process. Landowner Eric Hoien, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and the ISU STRIPS team present on designing establishing and managing prairie strips and how to work with land tenants to achieve conservation goals.

In part 2 of this virtual event, we discuss prairie strips generally, as well as how landowners like Eric and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation are working with farmland tenants to design, install and manage prairie strips for water quality and wildlife. Ryan Schmidt, with INHF, discusses how prairie strips are being used at the 160-acre Wallace & Bowers Nature Area, located along the northeast shore of Big Spirit Lake, which is owned and managed by INHF.

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