Published Sep 22, 2020

4th Annual Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day – Episode 1: Drone Wars

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

The Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day is the nation’s largest event devoted to weeding tools. This year, due to COVID-19, the field day is being held virtually

Sam Hitchcock Tilton and Jared Oomen show and discuss new and old weed control equipment, including set-up and use in both row crops and vegetables.

Setting up a camera-guided cultivator with finger weeders in corn and beans
Field conditions that need to be entered into the computer for a camera-guided cultivator
Calibrating tools for field conditions and run in crops
Conventional front-mount cultivation

Tools and Tractors:
Camera-guided cultivator with shovels and finger weeders
12-row front-mounted cultivator
IH 806

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