Published Sep 3, 2020

Wheat: A Gateway Crop to Soil Health, Resilience and More – Virtual Field Day

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Adding wheat (or other small grains) into crop rotations opens the door to possibility. Not only do these crops invite you to plant a diverse cover crop and graze it, adding a small-grain crop can lay the foundation for a transition to organic. Managed properly, these possibilities can result in net profit. While some think of wheat as “poverty grass,” it’s time to reframe this versatile crop and rediscover its profit potential. In this virtual event, we explore the farm management and economic implications of wheat and all its opportunities.

Jim Moseley has farmed near Clarks Hill, Indiana, since 1970. Driven by a passion for soil health, he transitioned fully to no-till by 1983. In 2005, following four years of public service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Jim and his wife, Kathy, again returned to the farm to help establish their next generation in production agriculture.

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