Published Mar 2, 2021

Conceptualizing Large-Scale Livestock and Perennial Plant Integration – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


What will it take for large-scale integration of livestock and perennials across our landscape? Bring your big ideas to this roundtable session hosted by the Iowa State University Consortium for Cultivating Human and Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (C-Change). Omar de Kok-Mercado and Adam Janke host the session.

  • Adam Janke is an assistant professor and wildlife extension specialist with ISU. Adam focuses on leveraging research and partnerships to improve knowledge and prospects of wildlife populations in agricultural working landscapes across the Midwest.
  • Omar de Kok-Mercado is the STRIPS project coordinator with ISU. Omar coordinates transdisciplinary research and extension activities on prairie strips and their impacts on farmland, farm livelihoods, soil, water and wildlife conservation.