Published Mar 2, 2021

Cover Crop-Based Organic No-Till Systems – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Researchers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa are investigating different no-till methods to terminate winter cover crops like cereal rye and hairy vetch. These no-till methods include a Rodale roller-crimper, a Dawn roller, a flame weeder, a flail mower and a haybine mower with a tedder. In this session, learn how these no-till methods compare with using tillage for cover crop termination, weed control and grain (soybean and corn) yield.

  • Yichao Rui is an environmental scientist at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. His research focuses on biogeochemistry, soil health and microbial ecology under climate change and land use. He works with collaborators around the world to identify and promote management strategies to improve the sustainability and resilience of our environment.