Published Mar 5, 2021

DonnaLonna Kitchen Live- Virtual Annual Conference 2021

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Come into the house chef Donna Prizgintas and farmer Lonna Nachtigal, pull up a chair and watch do a live radio show.

Dinner table conversation for the PFI annual conference show includes delicious preparations using all bits of whole-animal-harvest recipes, with an appreciation of farmer-to- consumer local meat production.

Consider liver pate, the beauty of a rich stock and how to enjoy tongue or heart meat!

The DonnaLonna Kitchen radio show is broadcast live every Tuesday at noon (repeated Tuesday at 7 p.m.) on KHOI-FM 89.1, a Pacifica radio network station based in Ames, Iowa:‚Äč

  • Lonna Nachtigal has been growing food at Onion Creek Farms north of Ames, Iowa, with her husband, Joe Lynch, since 1998. Lonna is an artist, dancer and barn dance caller.
  • Chef Donna Prizgintas has a long history of creating delicious meals for celebrities, youth camps and for sustainable and organic farm and food Organizations. Her culinary career has always been farmer centric, cooking with seasonal, local products, farm to table eating.