Published Mar 2, 2021

Employee Cultivation for Scaling Up a Vegetable Farm – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Building a successful farm team is about more than finding and keeping skilled people (though keeping them is important!). During this session, Tracy Whitehead shares strategies he uses to build a strong employee culture of engagement, and how he adapts JBG’s farm systems to make the most of his employees’ skills. Over the years, his efforts in this area have improved employee retention and promotion, and have allowed the farm to work with, and for, a wider range of people.

  • Tracy Whitehead is the barn manager at JBG Organic Farm in Garfield, Texas. Tracy’s day-to-day duties have him at the intersection of managers and crews across multiple farm sites, and he thrives on working with different personalities and setting people on track to succeed. As a long-time manager at JBG, Tracy has been integral to building company culture and retaining skilled employees.