Published Mar 4, 2021

F2F: Kevin Dietzel & Lois Reichert – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Listen in to some cheesy chatter! Kevin Dietzel of Lost Lake Farm in Jewell, Iowa, and Lois Reichert of Reichert’s Dairy Air in Knoxville, Iowa, jump into a conversation about their cheese-making experiences. The artisans’ exchange is a delight for foodies and farmers alike!

  • Lois Reichert is the former owner and operator of Reichert’s Dairy Air, a small-scale goat cheese operation in Knoxville, Iowa. For 11 years, Lois handcrafted small, daily batches of cheese and has received several national awards. Now retired, Lois continues to milk goats for pleasure.
  • Kevin Dietzel owns and operates Lost Lake Farm along with his wife, Ranae, in Jewell, Iowa, where they launched a small, grass-fed cow dairy that produces artisanal cheese in 2016. The farm includes 80 acres of pasture and hay; whey-fed hogs; and the cattle are rotated through the pastures twice daily.