Published Mar 4, 2021

Growing the Next Generation of Farmers Through Grazing Cover Crops – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Robert Jewell has been farming alongside his dad his whole life, and is now implementing new ideas on the family farm. Inspired by YouTube videos, Robert decided to start strip-grazing cover crops three years ago and quickly realized the economic benefits. He’s planning to custom graze cover crops on other local farms using the Midwest Grazing Exchange website to locate additional acres. Robert is also a videographer and shows drone footage of moving cattle through cover crops with temporary fencing. Join this session to learn how Robert is improving his farming career – and the farm – through innovation.

  • Robert Jewell is a fifth-generation farmer who works alongside his father on their century farm near Decorah, Iowa. The Jewells raise organic turkeys, beef cattle, pasture hogs and crops. He began grazing cover crops in 2018 after realizing the advantages of doing so from both an economic and soil health perspective.