Published Mar 5, 2021

Lightning Talks (Session 1) – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Lightning is powerful, focused, illuminating – and over quickly. This conference, we are introducing lightning talks to our session offerings. As the name suggests, lightning talks are short, focused and hopefully exciting to watch. We know many farmers are evaluating new practices or have figured out a process that would be useful to share with others. Each lightning talk round will feature six talks, each 8 minutes long, prepared and presented by farmers.

  • Pastured pigs with the wagon wheel model, Dayna Burtness
  • What is popcorn? Jim Fitkin
  • Lessons learned growing hops, Keri Byrum
  • Eradicating Canadian thistle in apple orchards, Chris Mcguire
  • Spring tine cultivator in row crops, Nelson Smith
  • Farm jokes! Mary Swander