Published Mar 17, 2021

Pollinators & Climate Change: Making an Impact on the Farm

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Pollinators face many threats, including a changing climate. In this farminar, learn more from Xerces Society climate change lead Angela Laws about how climate change impacts pollinators.

Also hear from Sarah Nizzi, Xerces Society farm bill pollinator conservation planner and NRCS partner biologist, about the cost-share and technical assistance programs that can help you sustain pollinators on your farm.

Angela Laws is an endangered species biologist and climate change lead for Xerces Society, based in Sacramento, California. Her expertise involves integrating climate resiliency and invertebrate conservation.

Sarah Nizzi is a farm bill pollinator conservation planner and NRCS partner biologist with the Xerces Society, based in Madrid, Iowa. Sarah works across Iowa to offer technical assistance to landowners interested in pollinator habitat.

This farminar was recorded on March 16, 2021.

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