Published Mar 2, 2021

Relay-Cropping Rye and Soybeans – 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Curious about combining a small-grain crop and soybeans on the same acres? Join Michael Vittetoe and Alec Amundson as they share their experiences with relay cropping. They walk through what’s worked, what hasn’t and some of the considerations for putting this practice into action.

  • Michael Vittetoe farms near Washington, Iowa, growing corn, soybeans, hogs and cattle. The Vittetoes use no-till and cover crops, practice intensive rotational grazing and conduct on-farm trials to determine how they can best steward the land.
  • Alec Amundson operates Green Country Farms in Mitchell County, Iowa, where he raises corn, soybeans and rye. The Amundsons use cover crops, no-till and have been relay cropping since 2018.