Published Jun 24, 2021

A New Cover Crop App

By Rebecca Clay

PFI will release its new “Find Cover Crops” mobile app in time for fall planting.

Harvest time becomes busy quickly, which can make prioritizing seeding cover crops a challenge. Plus, not everyone has the equipment or supplies to seed cover crops themselves.

Whether you are looking to source cover crop seed or looking to hire someone to seed your cover crop, the new soon-to-be-released mobile phone app “Find Cover Crops” could be of service. Practical Farmers is launching the free app in July 2021. Users will be able to download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once released, you can find it by searching “Find Cover Crops.” In addition to the mobile phone apps, users will also have access to the platform via web browser.

On the app, users will be able to request aerial application, custom drilling and high-clearance seeding services. Seed dealers and seed cleaning services will also be listed, and for timely termination in the spring, users can search for custom spraying services.

The “Find Cover Crops” app enables the user to precisely identify the boundaries of the fields to be cover cropped. After all, your neighbor might not be as enthusiastic about cover crops as you are.

Meet One of the Listed Businesses

Dan Bahey of Stanley, Iowa, is a cover crop seed and service provider listed in PFI's app

Dan Bahe of Stanley, Iowa – pictured with his dad, Don Bahe – operates Bahe Cover Crop Seed and is one of at least 44 seed and service providers who will be listed in PFI’s new “Find Cover Crops” app.

Dan Bahe of Stanley, Iowa, operates Bahe Cover Crop Seed, which offers cover crop drilling, several types of cover crop seed and conservation mixes (such as for Conservation Reserve Program land) and drilling. He is one of at least 44 seed and service providers across the state who will be listed in the “Find Cover Crops” app. “Harvest time is a super busy time of the year, so people can’t always make the time to seed cover crops themselves,” Dan says. “We pride ourselves on being timely and doing a quality job.”

An App to Connect and Build Community

“With more and more people using cover crops, I think this app will help build the community of people using cover crops,” Dan adds. “I’m excited to have a medium to connect farmers to cover crop businesses and sound advice.”

The app also helps spread projects among businesses when necessary. If a cover crop business receives huge demand for seed or services, the business can call on other businesses in the area to help meet that demand.

Cover crop app

Screenshots of the new “Find Cover Crops” app that Practical Farmers will release by fall 2021.

Resources Abound

The app will include basic recommendations for seeding and grazing cover crops, with termination guidelines forthcoming. It will also include links to the Midwest Grazing Exchange and recommendations based on the “Whole Farm Conservation Best Practices Manual.”

If you want your business listed on the application, contact Morgan Jennings at