Published Mar 14, 2023

Navigating Iowa’s New Cottage Food Law: A Farmer-Focused Q&A

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

In 2022, the state of Iowa passed a new law expanding opportunities for unlicensed home-based food businesses, often referred to as “cottage foods.” The reform renamed the state’s two cottage-food categories, and reflects a nationwide trend toward deregulating home-processed food sold by producers. So what does this mean for farmers who grow produce and want to process it for sale? Join state regulatory experts Julie Kraling and Kurt Reuber from Iowa’s Department of Inspections & Appeals to learn what the law means for home-based food business.  Julie and Kurt want to ensure everyone leaves with all their questions answered, so come prepared for a robust Q&A!

  • Photo Julie KralingJulie Kraling is the retail food program lead at Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals. She has nearly 20 years of professional experience with food safety and retail, expertise that gives her unique working insight into translating policy into practice.
  • Kurt ruebberKurt Rueber is an environmental specialist with the Food and Consumer Safety Bureau, which is a part of the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals. Part of Kurt’s role is working with markets and vendors on understanding Iowa’s food and consumer safety laws.