Published Apr 18, 2023

PFI Member Photo Album

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

The PFI Member Photo Album features photos submitted by PFI members from their farms. Whether you capture images of the everyday, the awe-inspiring or the curiously beautiful on your farm, send them our way and we’ll work to curate them into the album. Have a photo you’d like featured in the magazine? Email it to or tag PFI on social media and let us know!

Eric Jensen kid dog

“Can Lefty come inside today?” (Eric Jensen – Yellow Table Farm, Tripoli, Iowa)

Winter clothesline at Genuine Faux Farm

The clothesline (and the high tunnel) wait patiently for spring. (Rob Faux – Genuine Faux Farm, Tripoli, Iowa







Winter morning at Gibralter Farm

A frosty morning on a diverse livestock farm. (John Gilbert – Gibralter Farm, Iowa Falls, Iowa

Eric Jensen Yellow Table Farm

Close-up of ice in February. (Eric Jensen – Yellow Table Farm, Tripoli, Iowa)

Donna warhover ice on faucet

An icy spigot in February. (Donna Warhover – Morning Glory Farm, Mount Vernon, Iowa)








Winter sheep at cory family farm

The sheep at Cory Family Farm. (Mary Ann Mathis – Cory Family Farm, Elkhart, Iowa)

Neil peterson winter fences

Frozen fencelines are a visual tableau of the artistry of ice. (Neil Peterson – Clover Lane Farm, Fonda, Iowa)

Carney bruce 80 head of cattle winter

Eighty head of automatic nutrient and microbiology spreaders do their work. (Bruce Carney – Carney Family Farm, Maxwell, Iowa)