Published Jul 12, 2023

PFI Member Photo Album

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

The PFI Member Photo Album features photos submitted by PFI members from their farms. Whether you capture images of the everyday, the awe-inspiring or the curiously beautiful on your farm, send them our way and we’ll work to curate them into the album.

High tunnel construction BridgewaterFarm

Dale Raasch (driving) and Tyler Raasch demonstrate a new version of the father-son tractor ride while putting up a new high tunnel with a crew of helpers. (Marcie Raasch – Bridgewater Farm, Bridgewater, Iowa)

Henry Ahrens lies on the ground with two new lambs on his family's farm.

New lambs make the acquaintance of their human, Henry. (Rebekah Ahrens – Twisted Oaks, Milan, Illinois)











Owen Filbert sits on hay in the foreground while goats graze in the background.

The Kiko goat herd surrenders a round bale to Owen de Kok-Filbert during goat chores in March. (Meghan Filbert – Grassbelly Farmstead, formerly of Pilot Mound, Iowa)

A cat lays in a field of garlic on Blue Gate Farm.

A cat commences early-season garlic inspection at Blue Gate Farm. (Jill Beebout – Blue Gate Farm, Chariton, Iowa)

Maple syrup collection SandhillAcres

Maple sap collection in March. (Margaret Wolter – Sandhill Acres, Chelsea, Iowa)










A frog sits on a bee box while Kristen Clark smiles in her beekeeping suite in the background.

A tree frog joins in to supervise the hive check. (Kristen Clark – Happy Bottom Homestead, Ames, Iowa)

Goats and cats snuggle together in a barn for warmth.

Cats and goat kids all snuggled up on a March morning. Farm cats from left: Kitty, Kitty and Kitty. (Adam Ledvina – Iowa Kiko Goats, Chelsea, Iowa)










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