Published Sep 28, 2023

In-Row Roller Crimping Cereal Rye for Earlier Soybean Planting – Practical Cover Croppers

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Roller crimping a cereal rye cover crop for soybean production provides non-chemical weed control, but often with the caveat of delayed soybean planting dates. Looking for a way to plant soybeans earlier while reaping the benefits of a roller-crimped cereal rye cover crop, Michael Vittetoe of Washington, IA began experimenting with in-row rolling a few years ago. In this footage from 2022, you’ll hear why this system works for him and the benefits he sees to his soybean crop with the rolled cereal rye.

Michael’s system consists of a 10-inch twin row cereal rye cover crop growing within 30-inch spaced soybeans. With this system he’s able to plant his soybeans at the end of April and, in early June, uses in-row roller units on a 40-foot bar to roll the cereal rye down to provide a moisture-conserving, weed-suppressing mulch.