Published Oct 26, 2023

2023 Field Day Season Photo Recap

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Sometimes society (and social media) leads us to believe every question has one right answer, that people are successful all on their own and that big changes happen in a finger snap. But when you’re at someone’s field day, you have a chance to see that even “small” changes take a lot of thought and investment. Mistakes and disasters happen. Humility, patience and support are necessary for success in the long-term. Knowing this, we don’t expect people to leave a field day and change their whole farm (though once in a blue moon that seems to happen!).

Field days are part of the long game – curiosity, collaboration, community. No one expects a field day host to have all the answers. And when 89% of field day attendees agree with the statement.

“I have new questions or ideas to explore based on what I saw and heard at today’s event,” we are reminded how vital these events are – that when we create spaces for farmers to connect, we’re helping spark thousands of small steps towards resilient farms and communities.