Published Oct 23, 2023

Cereal Rye Crop for Cover Crop Seed Opens the Door to a Diverse Rotation – Practical Cover Croppers

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

As more acres are seeded to cover crops in the Midwest, we’re already seeing an increased demand for cover crop seed. Farmers Rachel and Alec Amundson of Osage, IA share how raising cereal rye for cover crop seed has enabled them to break out of a two-crop corn-soybean rotation while providing much needed seed to other farmers. Rachel is a partner in Sponheim Sales & Service, which does cover crop seed sales, custom seed cleaning and more.

In this video, Rachel and Alec discuss how raising rye seed locally can help with ease of distribution and how sourcing rye locally reduces risk of imported weed seeds. They touch on how they balance the pricing of cereal rye cover crop seed as cereal rye seed producer and end-user.