2017 Annual Conference

Pass it on

Passing on of knowledge from farmer to farmer works because farmers are credible to each other. Within Practical Farmers network, farmers feel comfortable openly sharing information and admitting they don’t know it all. They recognize constant exploration fosters ongoing innovations on their farms, improving their profitability, providing ecosystem services and promoting vibrant communities.

Attend to be part of the 30+ year tradition of information-sharing! Join in as farmers share how they conserve both money and soil, grow and market a multitude of crops, practice sound financial and production recordkeeping, access land and capital, pass on the farm to the next generation, and more.

Three Renowned Iowa Farmers Pass It On

Practical Farmers member Nathan Anderson says: “PFI’s annual conference is like walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Instead of seeing the names of your stars in concrete, they are standing there in front of you.”

In our keynote address, three PFI “guiding stars” will take the stage, stand before us and share words of wisdom. Vic Madsen, Susan Jutz and Dan Wilson are all past presidents of Practical Farmers of Iowa who received Practical Farmers’ Sustainable Agriculture Award. From their decades of farming and involvement in our community, each of these farmers will share three things they feel are most important to pass on.

Video from the 2017 Annual Conference

Thank you to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors for the 2017 Annual Conference!

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