As farmers, we connect with our communities to sell our products and find the tools we need to raise our crops and livestock. We nurture our soil to encourage mycorrhizal filaments that connect plants and fungi, thus improving water and nutrient uptake. We find solace in friends who support us and empathize when things are tough. We create habitat that provides food and homes for wildlife. Connections at scales both large and small shape us and the world around us. Sometimes it feels like our world is losing these vital connections, that we are quick to seek out differences among our friends and neighbors. At Practical Farmers of Iowa, we cultivate a different ethos. We welcome everyone, and strive to build a community where we highlight what we have in common; where we listen respectfully to each other and learn from our differences.

What we mean by cultivating connections

  • Learn how to cultivate a healthy soil that will improve productivity and increase ecosystem services.
  • Look to your past to make strides toward your vision for your farmland legacy.
  • Hear how to engage with your community to spur rural economic development.
  • Renew your inspiration, and make vital connections that can help you on your path to building resilient farms and communities.


Contact Maggie at (515) 232-5661, or maggie@practicalfarmers.org.