Farminars are Practical Farmers’ version of a webinar. These 90-minute online seminars are free and produced to help farmers learn about business and production issues that matter to them from the convenience of their homes. Farminars are held weekly each Tuesday during the winter months, and run from 7–8:30 p.m. CST. Most farminars are led by farmers, and many are presented in a “fish-bowl” format where attendees listen as an experienced farmer answers a beginning farmer’s questions. Farminars air live online and allow participants to ask questions of presenters in real-time.

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Pop-Up Farminar: “Bioreactors & Saturated Buffers” – Emery Davis, Chris Platner

Wednesday, March 31 | 7-8 p.m. CDT

Edge-of-field practices like saturated buffers, constructed wetlands and bioreactors can improve water quality by treating agricultural drainage flowing through tile lines. In this pop-up farminar, hear from Chris Platner, a farmer in Linn County, Iowa, about his partnership with the Indian Creek Soil Health Partnership and why he decided to install a bioreactor on his farm.

Emery Davis, the soil health coordinator for Linn County, will discuss the specific merits of edge-of-field practices, along with technical and financial assistance opportunities available to farmers and landowners interested in installing a bioreactor or other conservation method on their farm.

  • Emery Davis is the soil health coordinator for the Indian Creek Soil Health Partnership located in Linn County, Iowa. He works with farmers and landowners on projects that benefit soil health, wildlife and water quality. Emery also helps his parents on their family farm, where they practice no-till farming and use cover crops.
  • Chris Platner farms with his father in Linn County, Iowa, raising corn, soybeans, oats and hay, as well as a herd of stock and feeder cows. They have used a range of conservation practices over the years, and in autumn 2020 added a bioreactor to their operation that drains more than 40 acres.

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