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Pop-Up Farminar:

Consumer-Friendly Bulk Meat Sales

July 14 | 7-8:30 p.m.

Presented by Matt LeRoux

Matt LeRouxCOVID-19 has created a challenging situation for conventional livestock markets and processors. Along with this challenge, farms were presented a unique opportunity to market meat directly to consumers.

This farminar is designed to equip farmers with clear and simple steps towards making bulk meat sales, such as quarters, halves, and mixed-cut bundles. We’ll cover “how-to” tips to help you get started quickly. Learn from Agriculture Marketing Consultant Matt LeRoux how to better understand consumer purchasing habits, meat pricing, product bundling and how to reach consumers.

About Matt: Matt has nearly 20 years’ experience serving farms through Cornell Cooperative Extension, non-profits, and consulting. Specializing in market strategy, Matt works with a diverse mix of produce and livestock farmers and food businesses. Career highlights include developing the Marketing Channel Assessment Tool for produce growers and the Cornell Meat Price & Yield Calculator.

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