New and Favorite Equipment in the Field and Pack Shed for Vegetables

Tuesday, July 20 | 6-6:45 p.m.

Host: T.D. Holub

Holub FD (28)Having the right equipment and systems to get your vegetable crops started, planted, ahead of the weeds and cleaned up for customers makes the job more enjoyable from start to finish. During this event, T.D. will demo a few of his favorite and newest tools and equipment, and how he came to find his best uses for each of them for a variety of crops (and eggs!).



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  • Vacuum-seeder
  • Egg washer
  • Crop washer
  • Tine weeder
  • Mulch spreader

Holub FD (51)T.D. Holub owns and operates Garden Oasis Farm with his wife, Sarah, near Coggon, Iowa. The 8-acre vegetable farm, with pastured poultry and eggs, markets through CSA, farm-side pick-up, grocery stores and restaurants.