Small-Grain Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling in the Little Sioux Valley

Tuesday, July 27 | 6:30-7:15 p.m.

Host: Roger Wilcox

20160714 161921At this “Live From the Farm” event, Roger will discuss combine settings and the conditions he looks for to harvest cereal rye and oats. We will also look at post-harvest handling, such as seed cleaning and storage of small grains. Because the small-grain crops Roger raises are mostly sold as cover crop seed, he will discuss best practices for raising, harvesting and handling cover crop seed. If timing allows, we will view the cover crop drilling process.

To join the live chat during the YouTube Live event, click the watch on YouTube button on the video or below. The site may ask you to “Create a Channel”. Creating a Channel only requires an email address, and is just the YouTube word for “Account”. We hope you’ll “Create a Channel” and join us in the chat to ask questions and give comments, but you can view the live event without any sign-in!

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  • Small grain harvest
  • Seed cleaning
  • Cover crop seed
  • Oats and cereal rye

04E687B6F528000074500003 attachment 1 IMG 1381Roger Wilcox operates Wilcox Farm with his brother, John, between Pierson and Correctionville, Iowa. Together, they raise corn, soybeans, alfalfa, oats and rye. Farming in the rolling hills of the Little Sioux River drainage area, they have been using no-till practices for many years. Roger sells Beck’s seed with Wolf Creek Seed and offers cover crop custom drilling, seed and advice through Old 20 Ag Supply.


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