2022 Field Day Sponsor Information

As of 8/26/2022 we are no longer accepting field day sponsor registrations. Please contact Steve Carlson (steve.carlson@practicalfarmers.org or 515-232-5661) if you have questions about sponsoring PFI events).

Thank you for your interest in supporting the 2022 Practical Farmers of Iowa on-farm field day season! Farmer-led field days are the foundation for how PFI fulfills its mission of equipping farmers to build resilient farms and communities, and we’re excited to be back to our regular in-person format. Your sponsorship support is critical for us to continue providing high quality farmer-led learning events.

At Practical Farmers, we take pride in our “big tent” that includes farmers with operations of all sizes and production practices. This year’s field day season will offer farmer-led events focused on conventional and organic field crops, cover crops and small grains, livestock farms of differing scale and species, vegetable production, orcharding, agroforestry, cut flowers and more.

We are confident our diverse line-up of field days and extensive outreach efforts will provide ample customer and constituent exposure for sponsoring organizations.

If you have any questions about supporting PFI’s field day season through sponsorships, please contact Steve Carlson at steve@practicalfarmers.org.

Important Dates

April 13: Sponsor Registration Opens! PFI staff will have a complete lineup of field days to share with potential sponsors. If you have not received this list via email by April 14, please contact emma@practicalfarmers.org.

May 2: Sponsor Registration Closes! Sponsors who wish to be acknowledged in the printed field day guide must submit their sponsor registration form by this date, in order for PFI to finalize the guide and send it to print.

Sponsor Levels and Perks

Level A – $1200


  • Your logo on the inside cover of the 6,000 copies of our printed Field Day guide
  • Your logo on our field day webpage, and sponsor opportunities webpage linked to your website
  • Your logo on display at each field day
  • Recognition in all field day news releases

Level B – $600


  • Your logo in the centerfold of the 6,000 copies of our printed Field Day guide
  • Your logo on our field day webpage linked to your website
  • Your logo on display at each field day

Level C – $250

Sponsor an individual field day of your choice! Including:

  • Your logo on that event page in the 6,000 copies of our printed field day guide
  • Recognition in the news release for that specific event
  • The opportunity to set up a display at the sponsored field day

Level A+ or B+

For the Level A and Level B sponsors, add Level C individual field day sponsorships for an additional $200 each ($50 discount per event). You will then receive Level C benefits for that field day, increasing your exposure to a targeted audience.

Notes for Sponsors

  • Sponsors at any level are encouraged to attend any field day!
  • If you would like to be recognized as a sponsor at a field day, you must be present and you must notify PFI staff two weeks in advance.
  • Only Level C sponsors have the opportunity to set up a display.
  • If you are unable to attend, Practical Farmers cannot display your materials for you.
  • Sponsors will not be given the opportunity to speak, unless contacted by the host and written into the agenda during the field day planning process.

Questions? Contact Steve Carlson at steve@practicalfarmers.org