Partnering With a Neighboring Cattle Farmer to Graze Cover Crops

Saturday, Aug. 28 | 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Host: John Burger | Burger Farms

Address: 17144 298th Ave. | Udell, IA 52593

From left to right John Burger (grain producer), Richard Burger (landowner), Craig Swaby (beef producer)Partnering with your neighbors can be a win-win situation. John Burger will discuss his first five years of experience with cover crops and how he’s working with his neighbor, Craig Swaby, to graze those cover crops. They’ll discuss drilling cover crops, strip grazing, soil health test results, compaction, crop yield and how they work out the financials in this arrangement. Craig will show attendees his fencing and watering set-up.

The Farm:

John Burger and his uncle, Richard, raise row crops near Udell, Iowa, and have been experimenting with cover crops for five years. They have been working with their neighbor, Craig Swaby, to graze cover crops for four years.


  • Grazing cover crops
  • Working with neighbors
  • Fence and water
  • Soil health
  • Economics

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