Raising 100% Grass-Fed Beef in Row-Crop Country

Wednesday, Sept. 29 | 4-7 p.m.

Hosts: Amanda & Knute Severson | Grand View Beef

Address: 1591 Nelson Ave. | Clarion, IA 50525

RSVPs appreciated for dinner following the event by Sept. 24.

Please bring a chair or blanket for seating during the meal.

GVB (16)Amanda and Knute Severson, owners of Grand View Beef, will tag-team this field day. Knute will discuss grass-finishing, grazing management and the value grass has brought to Grand View Beef and his parent’s operation (since converting acres from row crops to pasture). Amanda will speak about direct-to-consumer sales, wholesale partnerships and social media’s role in these relationships. We’ll end the field day with Grand View Beef burgers on the grill!

The Farm:

The Severson family owns Grand View Beef, raising 100% grass-fed beef from birth to harvest on their century family farm in Clarion, Iowa. The family takes great pride in animal husbandry practices that ensure the cattle lead a calm and humane life. Cows are born and raised on the farm, eating a diet consisting only of their mother’s milk (until weaned), grass, alfalfa and hay. The Seversons use intensive rotational grazing to improve soil health and capture carbon. Beef is available by individual cuts, bundles and beef shares, and able to be shipped to most Midwestern states.


  • Grass-finishing beef
  • Grazing
  • Direct and wholesale marketing
  • Social media

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