Research at Scattergood Friends School Farm

Wednesday, September 15 | 4-6 p.m.

Mark Quee e1552610469205Host: Mark Quee

Address: 258 290th St., West Branch, IA 52358

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Partner: ISU Horticulture Department

At Scattergood Friends School Farm, farm manager Mark Quee is both a farmer and a researcher. In addition to growing food for the school and community, he also partners with others to test a range of innovations in vegetable production, on-farm conservation and more. At this event, tour Scattergood’s research trials and hear from Mark and his collaborators, including Ajay Nair of Iowa State University’s Department of Horticulture, and Hayley Nelson from PFI’s Cooperators’ Program.

ISU Extension and Outreach experts will be on hand to add to the conversation. Following the tours, discussion will continue over a full meal provided by Scattergood Friends School featuring produce and protein from the farm.

The Farm:

Scattergood Friends School is a small Quaker boarding school about 15 miles east of Iowa City with 8 acres of IDALS-certified organic gardens and orchards and about 30 acres of pasture used to grass-finish beef and lamb. Scattergood also raises a few heritage breed Guinea hogs, a small flock of turkeys, and occasional broiler and laying chicken flocks. Scattergood primarily grows food for the school, but has in the past produced for farmer’s markets, New Pioneer Coop and a small CSA. The school has been an example of an extreme farm-to-school program since 1890 (but more recently since 2003, when a decision was made to raise much of the food consumed at Scattergood). Field day host Mark Quee has been the farm manager at Scattergood for 16 years.

About the Host: 

Mark Quee has managed Scattergood Friends School Farm near West Branch, Iowa, since 1999 and is an at-large member of PFI’s board of directors. Mark’s job at Scattergood allows him to nurture his many selves: teacher, lover of books and films, outdoors explorer, organic farmer and one who appreciates living in community.


  • Research
  • Vegetable Production Methods

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