Adaptive Marketing at Buffalo Ridge Orchard

Adaptive Marketing Through a Collaborative CSA, Value-Added Products and On-Farm Sales at Buffalo Ridge Orchard

Marcus and Emma JohnsonSunday, Aug. 4 | 1:30-4 p.m.


1337 Rollins Rd. | Central City, IA 52214


Marcus & Emma Johnson | Buffalo Ridge Orchard


Farmers Marcus and Emma Johnson are in their 13th year of production at Buffalo Ridge Orchard, where they raise 5 acres of vegetables, 2 acres of pears and 15 acres of apples. Their business approach has been strategic, creative and collaborative, benefitting other farmers as well as customers in their local food ecosystem. They built a collaborative CSA by aligning crop planning with nearby farmers; developed products with sensitivity to their market context, thus adding to the local product mix without creating direct competition; and pivoted toward delivery and on-farm sales when farmers markets were not an option. In short, Marcus and Emma have made their farm thrive and brought others along on their journey.


Pie and ice cream will follow the field day.

See & Discuss

  • Using adaptive marketing to be efficient and competitive
  • Managing a collaborative CSA
  • Developing value-added products with dried apples
  • Building planning systems to manage complex operations
  • Viewing an apple processing demonstration
  • Touring the farm store, apple orchard and vegetable fields

Farm Info



  • Iowa Organic Association
  • Iowa Specialty Crop Growers Association