Transitioning Ground and Changing Generations

Transitioning Ground and Changing Generations

Matt and Jocelyn VermeerschTuesday, Sept. 3 | 10 a.m.-Noon


1582 200th St. | Red Oak, IA 51566


Matt & Jocelyn Vermeersch, Maggie McQuown and Steve Turman | Mud Ridge Ranch


Matt and Jocelyn Vermeersch are first-generation farmers now in their second year collaborating on a farm transition with Maggie McQuown outside of Red Oak, Iowa. Besides transitioning generations, they are also working to transition the row crop ground to permanent pasture. Matt is striving to raise healthy animals on year-round grazing and minimal inputs. The row crop ground, currently in cereal rye, will be planted in a warm-season annual mix that will be grazed before planting perennials. Come learn how Matt, Jocelyn and Maggie are making these transitions work and what the vision for their regenerative, grass-based system is.


Lunch will follow the field day.

See & Discuss

  • Navigating generational farm transition
  • Collaborating for non-family farm transition
  • Converting row crop ground to permanent pasture
  • Grazing cover crops
  • Renovating old infrastructure

Farm Info



  • Center for Rural Affairs
  • Sustainable Iowa Land Trust