Catching Up

We’ve all shared in the past year’s long, strange and challenging journey of isolation, distance and sacrifice, with gatherings postponed, rituals upended and connection confined to screens.

But as winter thaws give way to the warmth of spring – and with it, the dappled green of new growth, the cheerful chatter of birds bustling in trees and hedgerows and the promise of abundance from fields and gardens – our thoughts turn to journeys of a more joyous kind.

We’ve had plenty of time away. Now, it’s time to get out of our homes and catch up with friends and neighbors, farm fellows and family near and far. This year, PFI is planning a series of small, energizing, in-person gatherings on farms across Iowa.

Instead of digital tours and chatbox questions, we can once again enjoy a summer of sharing knowledge and fellowship around picnic tables and hay bales, in fields and pastures, the sound of insects buzzing under hot Iowa skies as we rekindle the spirit of in-person learning and connection.

Events planned on a rolling basis

We’re starting the planning now, but the line-up will expand on a rolling basis throughout the summer as more pop-up, local events are organized.

To keep these gatherings small (and safe, with Covid-19 still around!) – and to help connect people to the events and topics they’re most interested in – attendance is by invitation only.

How will attendance work?

Fill out the form below to let us know about your interests and availability.

Since we will continue to plan more events throughout the summer, you won’t receive an invitation to an event from us immediately. When we have an event ready for you, we will send the invitation at least two weeks ahead of the event.

Let’s get ready to catch up!