Small Grains Conference

The two-day conference began Thursday, Aug. 15, and featured twelve breakout sessions on topics ranging from integrating animals into a small-grains operation to marketing small grains to breweries, rebuilding the small-grains economy in the Midwest, the agronomy behind successfully raising small grains and more.

Practical Farmers is expanding its work to several states throughout the Midwest, including Wisconsin, due to a Conservation Innovation Grant awarded by the Natural Resources Conservation Service in 2016. The grant funds programming to help farmers add small grains and green-manure legume cover crops to their farming systems.

2019 Small Grains Conference PDF Presentations

Download slides from this sortable, searchable table.

Randy JacksonCan we sequester carbon in agricultural soils?PDF
Randy Jackson How does diversifying crop rotations affect profit, land, air, and water?PDF
Sara Fletcher & Alisha BowerRebuilding the Small Grains Economy in the Midwest PDF
Graham AdsitWhat's winter farming all about? Small Grains Production and MarketingPDF
Molly McGheeThe Value of Hybrid Rye for LivestockPDF
Gene SchrieferFilling in the Forage Gap PDF
Carl Duley Bringing Malting Barley Back to Western WisconsinPDF
Julie GrossmanGrowing your own nitrogen through cover crops PDF
John WepkingMarket Development and Grain Handling for Artisan Grain Products PDF
Dan MeyerBenefits of Managing Manure on a Dairy and Grain FarmPDF
Dr. Pete LammersEvaluating Oat Varieties for FeedPDF
Andy WalshProduction of Small Grains for Seed MarketsPDF
Valentin D. PicassoKernza – A perennial grain and forage crop with multiple uses PDF
John and Halee WepkingBringing the Next Generation to the Farm with Small GrainsPDF
Dorothy & John PriskeKernza – A perennial grain and forage crop with multiple uses PDF
Dr. Becca StokesHybrid Rye for ForagePDF

2019 Small Grains Conference Video

Watch the playlist of the two keynote presentations and other select 2019 small grains conference sessions:

Questions about the Small Grains Conference? Contact Alisha Bower by calling our office at (515) 232-5661.