Baseline Bee Data Collection at Two Farms

Published Dec 6, 2014

Pollinators are a critical component of agricultural production, and the populations of bees are declining. Some farms are implementing bee-friendly pollinator habitat, and are curious what effect their efforts have on local populations. • Pollinators were collected in bee bowls from different habitats on two farms.

Key Findings

  • Nearly 1,300 pollinators were collected.
  • The most common species at each farm were from family Halictidae (Lasioglossum Dialictus and Agpostemon virenscens).
  • The prairie garden and unburned prairie habitats had the most diversity of pollinators (number of species) at each farm (26 and 17 species, respectively).
  • The largest number of pollinators (404) were collected in the pepper field at Mustard Seed Farm.