Published Feb 7, 1992

The table of manure trials shows two trials comparing manure to purchased nitrogen. In neither the Reicherts trial nor the Svoboda trial was there a significant yield difference. In the trial on the farm of Mike and Jamie Reicherts, there was considerably more N available to the crop in the purchased-N treatment (69 lbs) than in the strips receiving the mid-season manure sidedressing (25 lbs estimated). The late spring soil nitrate test recommended 80-to-130 pounds of sidedressed N, but apparently the crop had enough nitrogen in either system. Dick and Mary Jane Svoboda supplemented manure with purchased nitrogen in their trial. That system yielded as well as did corn with all N purchased, and its nitrogen cost about the same. the manure treatment also received an additional $14.07-worth in potash and phosphate from the livestock manure.