Phosphorus and Potassium and Deep Banding

Published Feb 3, 1992

Following on university research that shows banding to be the most efficient method of fertilization in ridge tillage, PFI cooperators have compared banding and broadcasting on their own farms. Two trials this year yielded inconclusive results. Paul and Karen Mugge compared a fall band in the ridge with spring broadcast. Harlan and Sharon Grau compared a fall band in the ridge with fall broadcast. Although neither trial gave a yield difference, Harlan Grau observed an early season starter effect from the fall band. The addition of a zero-rate check treatment will benefit future trials.

Jeff and Gayle Olson compared two sources of phosphorus for corn, diammonium phosphate (DAP) and monoammonium phosphate (MAP). Jeff had heard that the phosphorus in MAP is more available. However, neither treatment yielded significantly more than the zero-rate check.